Hard Life are delighted to gift our readers with an exclusive podcast from La Vie En Rose label owner Terence :Terry:. Since his introduction to the music business collecting records from London to sell at the flea market Puce of Clignagncourt in Paris, Terence has a long established affinity with our two parent cities, making him a perfect guest to showcase his sounds for our readers.

From his current residence in Madrid Terence :Terry: was kind enough to give us a little insight into the creative process that helped craft this mix, as well as fill us in on his hectic 2016 schedule.


Hard Life • What equipment did you use to record the mix? After starting your career selling records do you still play vinyl?

Terence Terry • I used vinyl and vinyl Traktor. Yes, of course I still play vinyl, 

It’s part of my life. From my father’s collection up to my DJ career, vinyl is the medium I know the most and have grown up with. I have a large collection of electronic and black music.

Hard Life • What was the inspiration behind the mix?

Terence Terry • My style I guess. I wanted a progression, with modern combined with old stuff, going from deep house to something more rhythmic. Trying to mix different atmospheres; smooth, mysterious, dark… if the opportunity arises to do it. I’m always trying to create this kind of situation, But sometimes it can of course end up different, or more linear. In a club situation, this can happen for example.

Hard Life • What’s the best situation/place/club to listen to this mix? Did you have anywhere particular in mind when creating it?

Terence Terry • Nowhere special really. I think it could definitely be the right mix before going out on a Saturday night when you are motivated, and also when you get back home from a club, that hazy morning situation where perhaps you are not going to sleep for a few hours…

Hard Life •  Is this representative of what you’d play at a party or did you try and create a listening experience?

Terence Terry • Well, as it’s a podcast I tried to create the progression I was talking about, more like a journey (loving it). When you’re playing at a party, people are giving you the mood and you follow it your way. It’s a two-way channel. In this instance I was doing my thing without an audience Obviously I’m very experienced in clubs, so I can play in that environment too. It was nice to be a bit more focused on my own direction with this mix.

Hard Life • Were there any tunes you had to leave out? Any from your label?

Terence Terry • No all the tunes are specials to me. Some are 15 years old and others I just received very recently.

Hard Life • What’s planned for the future?

Terence Terry • I have three remixes coming on different labels; the first one will come on Apollonia (my family) in April. So glad to be part of the Tour à Tour remixes series. I‘ve reworked Sona (12”) and can’t wait for it to come out! Then I will have one on Strings Pt in Portugal and B.Soul in Italia with another one from the legend Jovonn. Then an EP on my own Label La Vie En Rose for April too,

Also really excited about my monthly residency In Madrid called Terence :Terry: & Friends with my partner Rhythm&Soul. This weekend I’m playing for Arram Mantana and his crew, Special Case events in Saint Petersburgh for Dogma, which should be sick. I can’t wait.

Interview conducted by Bryn