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To mark the occasion of their 6th birthday party, we’ve met those who have been spreading the love in East London since 2009. Interviewed from their headquarters, the N90 in Hackney Wick, the Half Baked team spoke to us about their baked history, their philosophy behind organising parties, and the plans for the future… Half Baked is this dreamed up Sunday afternoon party that seems to deal with an authentic vibe – with passion and love for what they do.


To most people, Half Baked first made us think of this:

Half Baked

Tell me Half Baked, why have you been called like this? 

Bruno: The name Half Baked came from arriving to Sunday afternoon “half” baked from the whole weekend! 

How everything begins? 

Bruno: Half Baked started at my 25th Birthday party, Remi and I had this idea of using a carpark to do the party (Fairchild arches) and after that time a lot of people asked us to do another one, so that was the beginning.

If you tell me Half Baked, I think flowers, glitters, Greg Brockmann, Number 90 and a bike! What does the team working behind the spotlights look like ? 

Bruno: So in the office there’s Remi who is the co-founder from France; Ida from Sweden is the assistant manager and creative brain; Sam from Liverpool who deals with all the bookings, logistics and looks after the label (and is also an awesome DJ)  then Bibi from Switzerland who is in charge of the digital marketing and PR; and finally our intern Ilaria from Italy who helps out with the decor and with the marketing. We would be a pretty good football team too!

Our two main residents are Greg Brockmann and Robin Ordell who have both been with us from day one, as Half Baked has grown their own careers have taken off apart from this. We’re super proud of them and really happy that they’re still with us and pushing us along to this day. On top of this we have quite a few other DJ’s who are residents, Mike Shannon, Seuil, Julietta, Le Loup, Yakine, Rainer, Pior from BirdsMakingMachine, Rudolf from BirdsMakingMachine and Enrico Mantini! All of them are wicked artists and the fact they are some of our best friends is the cherry on top of the cake!

Half Baked party riding bikes at Studio 338

If you have to match the spirit of Half Baked with something, it would be…

Bikes! Silly Question!

6 years ago you were born, what would you wish for your birthday ?

For another 6 years of more fun with old and new friends!

HB is London based and very well established in UK: We’ve seen you at Sonar in Barcelona, at Ibiza Underground, at Concrete in Paris,  at the Bret in Amsterdam… What are your next plans/destinations to party-conquer the world ?

Half Baked in Ibiza 2015

Half Baked in Ibiza 2015

For 2016 we have a lot in the pipeline, more of our favourite cities such as Barcelona, Ibiza, Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow and more. We will also be visiting some new cities and countries which we are very excited about. We also have plans for some more festival appearances in the coming Summer, we did Secret Garden Party this year which was of course incredible and so there’s more to come in the way of festivals in 2016!

In Amsterdam, the nightlife appears to be defined like: “during the day, we are, we live walled in boring jobs, but when the night comes, these rules disappear. ” Your job is actually to organise parties. Where is the limit between work and fun times ?

Is there a limit…?! Haha yes, well even though a party is always a lot of fun it involves just as much planning and work as any other business behind the scenes. Many people don’t realise all the hard work that goes into making parties, we are all working full time in this, so we all work super hard in the office and also during the parties but then when everything is going smoothly…roll on with the fun times.

How do you deal with this ?

With passion and love for what we do.

6 years of good times, 6 years of music , 6 years also of good stories…  What is the freakiest memory you can share. I promise we will publish it! 

Freakiest memory was when one of regular party goers and friends ended up dressed as a fairy, doing yoga in the middle of the dance floor!

Half Baked last birthday at Studio 338

I’m sure we’ll be there to publish an article for your 10th birthday, 15th, 20th…? How do you see Half Baked in 10 years? 

In 10 years time I see Half Baked still having that very same vibe that we had in our very first party. That’s what Half Baked is all about, the fun, friends and great music and we never want to lose that. Of course I will be a bit older then but I’m sure I’ll be having just as much fun and working just as hard!

Thank you and see you on Saturday.

• Questions asked by Lena and Doria •

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