We’ve talked to the guy who has been banging the Croatian coast for more than 10 years. Dave Harvey is the mastermind of Love International, an other new Festival taking place in Tisno for the first edition next week. He tells us more about UK Festival scene, his Team of Love and projects for future….

Hard Life • After 10 years of residency, The Garden Festival ended last year and it’s you who are taking on the legacy that they built. How did this exchange happen? Are there some former Garden team workers in the Love International crew?

Dave • Yes, I’ve been working for the Garden for the last 7 years odd, doing the bookings and programming of the event – our company Team Love has been handling all the artist logistics and liaison for the last 3 years as well –  so really a continuation in many ways.


Hard Life • In Croatia, there’s tough competition between the different festivals: Dimensions, HideOut, Outlook, Sonus, Suncé Beat or Dekmantel Selectors… How will you manage to differentiate yourself from the others?

Dave • Well I think all the different events over there appeal to slightly different crowds anyway, some for the more underground, some for techno, some for disco, some for people who want to go a massive 8k+ cap event, others who want the intimacy of the Garden site –  different strokes for different folks really. We also have the sunrise sessions, pushing the Balearic/Adriatic vibes in the woods on the side of the beach which I don’t know of anyone else doing I guess, the Olive Grove stage with label and  club night takeovers, the family we have built over the last 10 years at Garden which continues with LI, all sorts really, it’s a very special team involved!


Hard Life •Tell me about your respective careers: What where you doing before you decided to create Love International? And what made you take this decision?

Dave • Myself and Tom  came from a background in bars and clubs in Bristol, I’ve also been promoting nights since my teens and run the record label Futureboogie. We were offered a stage at Glastonbury to run on a shoestring budget in what was then the Dance Village, between us and a big group of friends we managed to put together a great line up of DJs and build something quite special. It all grew from there really, we ended up programming and running other stages at events like Secret Garden Party & The Big Chill, putting on a massive street art event in Bristol called See No Evil and the ultimately our own 2 day event Love Saves The Day, which will be 40,000 people over 2 days this year. As I mentioned I have also been working  on the Garden for the past few years as well so it was a logical progression really for us to take over.


Hard Life •  Why did you choose the name ‘Love International’?

Dave • Continuing the Love theme – Thomas came up with this one, we liked the sound of it, it kind of represented what we want to have there, we have crews from all over the world joining us this year and will continue to do so –  plus it’s the name of a obscure disco act from the 80’s so worked on lots of levels.

Hard Life •  What are the festivals, other than the Garden, that inspired you when you were working on Love International?

Dave • Glastonbury, SGP, Burning Man all played a role – but Glastonbury is the beginning of everything for both of us, we have been going since we were 15 and a lot of our inspiration, if that’s not putting too big a word on it, has come from there.

Hard Life • More on the house side, the Love International’s line up is coherent and eclectic at the same time. What is your secret, and on what were your decisions based in terms of artistic direction: your tastes? Actual tendencies? Or even the location’s atmosphere?

Dave • A combination of everything really –  we want the music to work in the setting and we love all the artists playing, everyone brings their a game –  you can go horizontal in the daytime on the beach to having it in the club at 4 in the morning!

Hard Life • Between all those famous artists within your line-up, are there some unknown artists whom you want to introduce to us?

Dave • Not sure they are quite unknown now but keep an eye on Khruangbin, a very special 3 piece from Texas, Red Axes from Israel, Felix Dickinson from Bristol and Not An Animal Records from London, all worth keeping a special eye on this year – but everyone coming is ace!


Hard Life • What are your ambitions for the next couple years?

Dave • We really want to have a great party for a couple of thousand people will all our friends and loads of great music in a paradise setting!

Hard Life • Last question, who are you really excited to see play at your festival?

Dave •All of them!

Thank you for you time ☺

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