Jeff Mills could be described as an overtly talented alien, who comes directly from the cosmos to bring us the unexpected best. His fascination with science-fiction, space and futurism have had a great influence on his work. This curiosity foundned new ways of creating and crafting (or mastering) his art – for our mutual benefit!

Thanks to his inventiveness and flair, Mills crosses the boundaries between music and other genres: with sublime interactions with the techno universe, spreading his genius into visual art, classical music, sound installation, choreography, cinema and probably many other obscure and brilliant experimental art forms.

For the past few years, Mills has been inspired by silent films. In 2000, he began a trend by first spawning the soundtrack of the science-fiction masterpiece Metropolis (Fritz Lang) followed by another cinemix for Lang’s 1929 film The Woman In The Moon and most recently Walther Ruttman´s 1927 film Berlin – die Sinfonie der Großstadt.

hard life x cinemix

Jeff Mills is set to present a live soundtrack to the film Berlin: die Sinfonie der Großstadt or Berlin: Symphony of a Great City on March 8 at Hackesche Höfe Kino in Berlin. 

I’ve discovered that in the process of sound-tracking period films and historic pieces of work, a particular observation for the nuances surrounding the film’s period can be factored into the create equation.” Jeff Mills

The film shows the life in a metropolis over a single day – portraying Berlin in the 20’s – resonating with the DJ’s own experiences. In the early 90’s, he called Berlin home, and for the best part of ten years, he was involved in the earliest days of  Tresor, first as a guest then as a resident DJ, quickly building-up an international profile.

It captures Berlin in and exhaling the fumes of productivity, the sensations of modernity and the vitality that comes with a German people trying to find a better way up or forward  Jeff Mills

We want more Aliens on our planet!