I decided to meet up with John, the brainbox behind Junk Son who have recently released his EP – “beginning ending pretending”, after being a-mazed by them during their show at the Flying Dutchman ( with a house in the trees)

Born and raised up north, interlaced by nature and his passion for music (he started to play the drums quite young and then the saxophone). John moved to South London to study Classical Music at Goldsmith UniversityHis knowledge, curiosity and appeal for music does not seems to have any boundaries – Radiohead, classical Russian masters, classical saxophone French composers, locals and international jazz musicians, renowned rappers and Friends like Ross From Friends

Since then, he has experiment music so various different angles and has been focusing on Junk Son. John composes all tracks and then work with Max, Tomas, Tinner and Amy to make  the sound the way they want it and make sure everyone owns the songs. For example, both John and Amy write the lyrics as they both sing. Their setting in live add another layer for appreciation!

When people ask him to classify his music he says “trip-pop” even though he doesn’t believe that his music truly falls under this genre. I was trying to define how I perceived  the music and I would just say “aquatique, metallique et onirique” .. yeah I respect the rule of 3 and i am French after all!

Our motto is “life is hard, we make it sweet”. He is definitely a contributor to making our lives tastier!! Watch the space, he ll be performing in 2017!

You can buy and stream the album online:


Rough Trade