Liem has been playing at our birthday party in Paris  on Saturday and it will be lush! It was his first time in Paris – he has prepared some new tracks for your guilty pleasure!  From Hamburg originally, Liem shares in the following interview where he finds his inspiration, how he produces his music and his collaboration with his mates from Lehult.

Hard Life • When did you first start making music? Has your style evolved much?

Liem • I started of around the age of 14, doing all kinds of different genres. Two years later I started focusing more on house music, mostly doing beats together with lucky charmz.

Hard Life • What’s your setup like for production?

Liem • Eddie Ness and I share a studio. We mainly use analog equipment to create, shape and record sounds, often by improvising and jamming. I then sequence in everything in ableton live.

Hard Life • Are there any artists that have helped develop or influence your style?

Liem • The other guys from lehult mainly, I guess. Which are dj assam, eddie ness, lucky charmz and johan kaseta.

Hard Life • You’ll be sharing the decks with Andres on the night of the party. He’s someone who’s obviously got a history based in hip hop & soul, something you can also hear in your tracks – was house always the sound for you?

Liem • It still isn’t today. House is what I do now but like you said, soul and hip hop as well as afro, dub and so on is the stuff where I get my influences from and what I listen to when i’m not djing or producing. Genres are very temporary for me. For one month I’ll like to listen to drum and bass and the next it’s Japanese pop or whatever. You find good music everywhere so I don’t like to limit myself to a specific genre.

Hard Life • How do you feel about the response to ‘If Only’? I know the fans on Discogs are happy about the upcoming repress.

Liem • It actually overwhelmed me. We never thought that the lhltsub would become such a success, but are happy it did. It also drew attention to our past lehult releases and helped us gain more listeners. It’s a great feeling to release music and now that some people will listen to it.

Hard Life • You come from Hamburg in Germany, what’s the scene like there?

Liem • It’s a relatively small but very healthy scene. We have around 4 to 5 nice venues like Golden Pudel, Golem or PAL where you can go to and have great night every time. PAL is the club where I have my residency and we as Lehult throw our parties every two months.

Hard Life • Paris has such a strong legacy of quality house music & you recently played in Lyon – how was that & how does it feel to be playing your first gig in Paris for Dure Vie?

Liem • Lyon was great. lovely city, lovely people, lovely vibe. So I really enjoyed playing there. I suspect Paris to be the same – I have never been, not even on holiday, so i’m really glad to visit for this special occasion!

Hard Life • Where do you find tracks for your sets?

Liem • I like digging on discogs, and I work for word and sound which is a big distributor for electronic music in Hamburg. Working there keeps me quite updated. Moreover we have a healthy communication on good tunes in our squad.

Hard Life • And finally, will you be showcasing any new sounds for our party?

Liem • I sure will just mastered 7 tracks I did together with Eddie Ness a few days ago. I’m looking forward to testing them out a lot.

Hard Life • To finish I would like to ask you something related to our blog. Dure Vie, means Hard Life in English. Our moto is “life is hard, we make it sweet”.

What exactly makes life sweeter for you?

Liem • Family, friends and music of course.