Marco Bailey is somewhat considered an icon when it comes to techno and the dance music industry as a whole. It starts with a beat, and for Marco that as in the late 80’s. In 2014 he celebrated 25 years of Marco Bailey, a true achievement for someone who is an ambassador for the scene as well as an amazing DJ and producer. We asked him to deliver us his 5 best clubs around the world.

Rex Club • Paris (France) : Its been there since a VERYYYY LONG time and it still delivers, many come and go like djs and producers too! But some are consistent without doing mega numbers but deliver highest level in sound quality, cozy atmosphere and always a great crowd when I played, so is REX.

Crobar – Buenos Aires (Argentina) : The crowd in Argentina in general not only in Buenos Aires is just pure love and harmony, it blows away whole Europe. Sorry, its just for me personal the best crowd in the world. Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza… Everywhere!

D Club! – Lausanne (Switzerland) : One of the best sound systems I played with the last 2 years, nice club and great atmosphere, a winner!  

Industrial Copera – Granada (Spain) : I am playing in this club since more then 12 years, first in the old location now in their new home, which is same vibe, same GOOD great vibes as been over 15 years. Just great!

Club 45 – Hasselt (Belgium) : It’s just 20 min drive from my place so actually my backyard, and it’s like being home, real underground place and great vibes.

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