Paris, by night. Paris and its clubs, its festivals, its warehouses … 

Since a few years, merging up in events around electronic music, the city has become the sparkling core of a myriad of many nationalities, cultures and inspirations. So many entities meeting up, discussing, and involving into the tremendous development of this « microcosm ». The capital city undeniably doesn’t have to blush from its House & Techno electronic scene anymore, since it has become an European and global destination of choice which allows you to qualitatively set your foot on the wonderful places it conceals. 

Moved by the desire to observe that phenomenon from abroad, the young Hampshire College (Massachusetts) film director, Nicholas Kane, started to carry out researches on that original topic. Extracted from the final production of its ethno-musical study, the short-movie skilfully unfolds a series of singular moments of this microsociety, combined to its interviews with passionated artists, such as Electric Rescue, Cabanne, the Masomenos duo and Brenn & César, but also Rakya Eynt, Momus, Sina, or even Péché Mignon and RA+RE collectives.

All of them are simultaneously witnesses and actors as they take part of this motion.

A delicious treat for both eyes and ears that seek out for our will to plunge ourselves even deeper,  in the « encapsulating » spiral of the Parisian electronic scene.

logo hard life x microcosm

Why did you choose French microcosm, what attracted you about the French night life ? 

I chose to focus on the Parisian scene because of its current state of popularity. While it is clearly established, there is still a lot of growth under way and beyond my personal attachment to the city and those I know in it, it presented an opportunity to document something in a state of change.

I wanted to explore and learn about the scene. After studying film for many years and emerging from that into the study of ethnomusicology, I had an ‘aha’ moment when I realised I could combine these two fields into something that would be meaningful for me not only as a filmmaker and academic but as a lover of electronic music! Hopefully the result carries with it some meaning and interesting moments.

Have you shot the film all by yourself?

I shot the whole film myself, with the exception of some help from friends when two cameras were needed. I went to Paris with all the necessary equipment to make a film but quickly realised after my first shoot with Masomenos that mobility and quick action were the key to realistically making the project happen.

Any film is a ton of work, but for this project in particular most of it involved cultivating solid communication with the subjects of the film. My initial communication with them came in the form of emails in January 2015 and still continues today. I feel pretty lucky to have been let in to these peoples’ lives even if it was for a few hours. The commonality of our interests and passions really allowed the filmmaker/subject dichotomy to dissolve into friendship.

At the end of the day, behind all the names, albums and events, are people with opinions, vices— to understand these lives is my highest priority, both personally and as a filmmaker.