Boiler Room have curated a curious combination of Actress and the London Contemporary Orchestra, set to create scintillating sounds for a one-off performance at the Barbican on February 10th, 2016.


It is not the first time that Barbican is hosting combined electronics with orchestral music. Everyone remembers well the live performance of the Detroit’s legendary techno producer and DJ, Jeff Mills with the BBC Symphony Orchestra 4 months ago in the same hall.

Next week, it’s time for the midland-born eclectic producer of electro, abstract techno and concrete R’n’B – Actress  to perform a powerful duo, using the orchestra to loop in acoustic vibes to produce a form of intense and no doubt, abstract chamber music.


Hard Life is incredibly excited to grace the audience to hear Actress premiere new material, combining it with the old too we hope! Having faithfully delivered great tracks over the last 12 years, the majority of which have been released on the Ninja Tune label. We will soak up the sounds ready to relay the experience to our fellow followers.