Aside from current events centered around a certain music venue, there’s another kind of “raveolution” happening outside of Farringdon’s borders…

With the future of good old-fashioned raving now under threat, we have started to experience dance music in a rather different way… Imagine coming back after a night of mayhem, but instead of crawling into a damp, deflated tent you hop into a mini bus to your 4* hotel; or you’re able to wile away your hangover with a deep-tissue massage or sunset yoga lesson; or instead of mud and stale beer, you actually find yourself permanently covered in sunlotion and free facecream samples.


Sounds like your kinda thing? The Oasis Festival might just as well be the place for you.

Labelled as “the first ever of its kind in Marrakech”, a three-day house and techno festival set in the idyllic Atlas mountains, a mere fifteen minutes from Marrakech. Those who have been to Obonjan in Croatia will already be familiar with the concept of “boutique camping” (or “pills-with-frills”, as we like to call it). Festival purists: don’t be put off – there is as much carnage as you’d expect from Glastonbury or Boomtown, and the line-up is worthy of any established dance music event. Only less portaloo, more pot pourri.
The action took place between the Oasis and the Arena stages, curated by different promoters each day (such as Krankbrother and Electric Minds) and showcasing the best international and national DJs from sunset to sunrise. Hunee, Bicep, The Black Madonna, Dixon, Leon Vynehall, Motor City Drum Ensemble and Derrick May are just a snapshot of the stellar DJs that provided the soundtrack to the weekend – not to mention the likes of Amine K, Eli & Fur and Unes T who are well on their way towards becoming fierce competition for their more established comrades…
Though some might be still unconvinced by the ethos of festivals such as Oasis, it would be foolish to dismiss it as a fad – yes, it might not be a festival in the traditional sense, but we are exploring different ways of enjoying music and blowing our minds.  And to be honest, as long as Hunee is going to be there, we’re more than okay with it.
Photo Credit : Christelle Lafosse