Friday, 20th November, 1:49 am, Elephant & Castle, Corsica Studios, 3° outside… but burning inside.

As we draw near to the infamous Corsica Studios, our blood begins to boil and frozen hands begin to melt. Word-of-mouth has once again proven it’s power and a flurry of activity & excitement, has pulled the crowd to Corsica.

As we pass through the doors and enter the ‘Temple’, Percolate has already proven that it knows something about birthdays. Greeted by glowing walls, you cannot help but feel carried away by the vibrations and sound. There is an unspoken energy in the room and everyone is riding the wave.

In order to celebrate its 3rd year of existence, Percolate didn’t do things in half measures.

Each guest is required to get an individual birthday birthday pack before entering – a great way to kick off the celebration!

And here we are – all set to celebrate the birthday!

Percolate x report x Hard Life

3 years, 3 rooms, 3 atmospheres and countless minds send into a trance, over beats created by some of the top artists around today.

Perhaps Percolates best birthday gift, is the fact that they have offered themselves tonight! Boasting a huge range of acts representing Detroit house, Berlin techno and the northern beats of Glasgow and Belfast, it is testament to the hard work of everyone at Percolate. Offering ‘something for everyone’ is sometimes a risk, but Percolate nails it and pulls it together in a beautiful, musical cocktail.

Line up - percolate - Hard Life


As the headline act DJ Dez Andres sets the tone of the evening – a raw celebration of the Detroit House scene. Who else but a compatriot of Moodymann’s, can so aptly declare his love of the scene which gave birth to House? Andrés offered the crowd an insight to his influences and it was a magical set.

A bit of house, a lot of love and Bobs’s your uncle – the crowd is going into a trance!

Andrès - Hard Life - Percolate

After the 50Weapon’s Modelselektor finale and Red Bull Music Academy shows, Room 1 is taken over by the renowned London trio – Dark Sky. After their latest release with Monkeytown records, this summer, Dark Sky is doing countless live shows. They set the Percolate stage on fire and everyone in the room is thankful for that.

Dark Sky - Hard Life - Percolate

The art of getting lost…

Humans enjoy losing ourselves and tonight is the perfect place to get lost. Losing ourselves in the crowd, losing ourselves in the sound and losing ourselves in the venue, which has become the Percolate temple for a night.

As we move from disco funk to dark techno, it’s clear that Percolate has found the perfect musical equilibrium for the evening and this setting.


With a lineup curated by Krywald & Farrer, consisting of FutureBoogie Disco’s and 2020 Vision artists – Room 3 was raw energy. They didn’t just tip the balance of the program, they completely smashed it!

Farrer - Percolate - Hard Life

With faces lit up by the ominous P E R C O L A T E, we are given more good vibes by Aroop Roy & Farrer. Well into the wee hours of the morning, the energy has not subsided and each body in the crowd is still in still in a trance.


At the end of this musical maze probably lies one of the most extraordinary performance of the night. In Room 2, between red lights, Mosca has become our guru for the evening.

A non-stop 7-hour marathon consisting of underground house and dark techno, it’s an intense journey which only our guru (Mosca), can provide! There is no respite and an unparalleled selection of both original beats and remixes is brought out tonight, by the Hypercolor-labelled artist. Nobody can deny it, Mosca completely nailed his set tonight and the 7 hours went too quickly.

It’s 6 am.

Well maybe. No one really knows.

We’ve lost all sense of time and we’re all here for the same reason – our love of quality music. If sweat is the catalyst for happy faces – both were unmatched tonight and every member of the crowd is covered in both.

love - percolate -hard life

percolate - love - hard life

love - percolate - hard life

This is more than a birthday, it’s a family reunion led by some of the most beautiful artists and perfectly hosted by the Percolate family.

If this party was anything to go by, you should really be preparing yourself for the next one! What better way to bring in 2016 than a party hosted by Percolate? With a lineup consisting of Floating Points, Tama Sumo, Levon Vincent and Krywald & Farrer, 2015’s closure is not to be missed!

Tickets here!