As a representative of the new burgeoning hungary scene, Route 8, influenced by 80s synthpop and house rhythms, combines efficiently lo-fi, raw and melancholic techno through his sounds. Having released a number of EPs in 2013, this eclectic DJ and producer was discovered then via his Soundcloud page by Lobster Theremin founder Jimmy Asquith (Dry Thoughts EPCruisingThe Raw Feeling). The opportunity for us to ask him to make his top 10 releases on the label. 

1 · D.Dan – The Danger Zone

One of the best techno release I heard this year so far. Perfect record for burning up the dancefloor especially with the title track.

2 · Daze – Lips

That Lips track oh god, I smile and dance everytime I hear it somewhere.

3 · DJ Wave – Above The Clouds

I think this is the best lobster release so far. 2 space techno tracks for the dancefloor and one slow burner for lonely summer nights.

4 · Imre Kiss – Midnight Wave

Originaly came out on Farbwechsel but Lobster Theremin pressed it on vinyl rightfully so.

5 · Palms Trax – Equation

This is the EP which made me join to Lobster Theremin.

6 · Privacy – Hypertext

4 synth electro jams for dark rooms. I cant even count how many times I played the New Wake Trance track in various clubs.

7 · Raw M.T. – La Duna

Raw M.T.’s finest EP. His Untitled track takes me to another dimension all the time.

8 · Richard Harrow – Acid Hammer

Acid cant get better than this.

9 · S. Olbricht – A Place Called Ballacid

Out of this world rhythmic explorations by my good friend.

10 · TRP – Pano

Raw house jams with that signature TRP square bass I love very much.

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