Alex Niggemann will play on Saturday at Ninkasi (Lyon, France) for Ōma. He made a playlist of 10 “secret weapons” for Hard Life & Dure Vie. 

1 · DJ Koze – Driven [Hart & Tief]

Modern Techno Koze Style. I really love what he’s doing on his new Label Hart & Tief. Non obvious simply but groovy as hell.

2 · Mathame – Alkahest [Souvenir]


New Name on Tiefschwarz label Souvenir. If you followed my own productions on AEON (Convection, Luminance), this is pretty much up my street. Melancholic and deep, while pumping in the club.

3 · Savile – Effort won’t betray you [Argot]

I just love the groove in between the very housey and chordy passages. Good for some more deep vibes in the club.

4 · Isolee – Pisco [Maeve]

New Maeve is pretty stunning. Oldskool house sounds in a new suite.

5 · Alex Niggemann feat. The Shadow Self – Hurricane (Club Mix) [Balance]

No Top Ten without some self-promotion. (laughs)
Club Mix of my new single coming up on Feb, 3rd. Original is a non typical, Alex Niggemann electronica tune. Usually done to „just have“ a 4 to the floor mix of the tune, it became the tune I always end my sets with.

6 · Leif Mueller – Fantastique [Balance]

Classical drum machines, 303 and oldskool flavor meet modern pads and outstanding main lead. Worth a listen.

7 · Ray Kajioka – Patch [Kanzleramt]

Untypical, breakbeat techno with an arpeggiator pushing it to the limit. Reminds a bit of old Aril Brikha stuff. Trance Techno 😉

8 · Blawan – Passer By [Kanzleramt]

Drums, drums and drums… this is just rolling so much. Different style from everything else in the list here, but awesome late night tune.

9 · TVA – Stolen Jacket [AEON]

Also feature on my Balance Mix album, these guys are definitely some fellas to look out for. I have a lot of demos from them already in the pipeline for AEON and music isn’t stopping to come. Whole EP is really diverse and different!

10 · Vincent Vidal – A Ritual Scene (Antigone Remix) [ARTS]

Antigone is one of my fav techno producers at the moment, Could have mentioned a few tracks of him here. But choose this remix for Vincent Vidal. Class!

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