ANNA’s a diehard fan of Tiga, Audion and Turbo Recordings. She used sit in her bedroom playing their records non-stop when she was still a DJ/producer novice in the Brazilian countryside. If you’d have told her, she’s be remixing two of her heroes on one of her favourite labels, she’d have said you were crazy. Reason why ANNA delivered us her 10 favorite tracks. 

Tiga & Boys Noize – “100”

What I love most about this track is the groove, and the naughty bass. Tiga & Boys Noize is the perfect combination.

Roman Flügel – “Stricher”

I am a huge fan of Roman Flugel I still play this track in almost every set, it is trip and groovy the way I like it.

Tiga & Audion – “Let’s Go Dancing”

I’ve played this one so much! And when the remix pack was out I played most of them again! It is one of the strongest track of the label in my opinion. The vocal is super catchy!

Shaded – “Sheshe”

I played this one a lot too, since then I became friends with Shaded. He has a really recognisable and great style this is one of my favourites from him.

Tiga & Audion  – “Fever (Maetrik Remix)”

This is my number one. It creates such an atmosphere every time I play it, it always works, it could not be different coming from Metrik.

Sascha Funke – “IFA”

I chose this one because of  the need synth, it brings nice vibes and the groove is also very strong.

Phil Kieran – “Guetto Face Place Space”

I like a lot the dynamic of this track. It started out as a a breakbeat track and goes one to a 4-4 beat, I play it a lot and it is always a nice moment in my set.

Tiga & Jori Hulkkonen – “Trust Your Body (Danny Daze Dub)”

I had to put  one from Danny Daze, he is amazing, I found out about this one when I was choosing the tracks from the playlist I didn’t know it before, how could I miss this??

ZZT – “Zzafrika (Julio Basmore Remix)”

Uplifting vibes from Julio Bashmore on this one, the melody is was got me here.

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ANNA’s remix of Tiga vs Audion’s ‘Stabbed in the Back’ is out now in Turbo.