Detroit is mostly reknown for being the cradle of techno. But some may forgive that it is also there that many iconic house tracks has been made, by Omar S, Andrés or Theo Parrish. Haider just released his new track “Dreams Of U” on London-based label Breaker Breaker and chose to deliver us his 10 essentiel Detroit’s records. 

Davina, “Don’t You Want It”

“This record is pure euphoria for me. From the organ stabs to the piano breakdown at the middle this is definitely Mad Mike Banks at his best, legendary.”

Theo Parrish, “Solitary Flight”

“The emotion encapsulated in this track is on another level. Theo really nailed this with the Memories of Green sample and made it his own.”

Omar S, “Day”

“The groove on the drum loop and the sample are guaranteed to make people dance no matter where you play this.”

Drexciya, “Andraean Sand Dunes”

“James Stinson is a legend who passed far too soon and this is one of his finest pieces of work in my opinion. When I first heard this I had it on repeat for a whole week.”

Marcellus Pittman, “Cherry Lee (Down Syndrome Mix)”

“This record just makes you screw up your face. Hearing this banging through a loud system is just hypnotic. Shouts to Omar S on programming the vocal sample!”

Model 500, “No UFO’s”

“I remember hearing this record for the first ever time, albeit over 20 years later but it sounded so fresh at the time I couldn’t believe it was made in 1985!”

Andres, “New For U”

“This is and probably will go down as one of the best records of the 2010s. Pure bliss.”

Reel By Real, “Surkit”

“Most people will recognise this sample from LTJ Bukem – Atlantis but Martin Bonds was the originator. This record bangs but if you’re used to hearing the sample in the LTJ Bukem record, it’ll trip you up when you try mixing it (laughs).”

Kenny Dixon Jr – “Emotional Content” (TP’s Emotionally Deep Remix)

“If you’ve managed to score the original pressing of this record in recent years, you’re either super lucky or super rich. Grail.”

Stacey Pullen, “Tsunami”

“I love this tune because it sort of sounds like breaks meets techno and being a UK head that’s a YES for me.”

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