Today, Marcel Fengler has not only been quoted as „one of the finest techno DJs“ (Resident Advisor), he has also earned international respect for  his unique „multi-faceted personality“ (Electronic Beats). Reason why we asked him to choose his 5 favorite non-electronic music tracks before his coming in France this week end. 

U.N.K.L.E. feat Richard Ashcroft – Lonely Soul

Before I heard this song for the first time I wasn’t really a big U.N.K.L.E fan. But this changed from listening to this track. Released on their album ‘Psyence Fiction’ in 1999, this song was the door opener to get a listen to their best album in my opinion. Although as a standalone track, Lonely Soul is outstanding, especially after DJ Shadow added his touch to it. The track’s big strings and most of all the unbelievable voice of The Verve front singer Richard Ashcroft make it so special to me.

Hans Zimmer – Time

I´m pretty much into film music in general. No need to state what a genius someone like Hans Zimmer is in this world. I guess the biggest and most important export to Hollywood that Germany was responsible for in this sense. Well deserved he got Oscars for films like The Thin Red Line, Gladiator and Interstellar. So `Time´- taken from the movie Inception with Leonardo Di Caprio in one of his best movies. I rate it among all the other famous songs Zimmer has made. It’s the perfect piece of music to put on when it’s time to close your eyes and feel the goosebumps appear on your arms.

Portishead – Strangers

Named after the little British town close to Bristol where band leader Geoff Barrow is from, I discovered Portishead with their album ‘Dummy’ from 1994. Barrow got inspired by spending studio time with Massive Attack, which I really like as well. I would say both bands were my inspiration for bassy deep trip hop music I’ve been listening to a lot, separate to my electronic side. ‘Strangers’ is my favourite on ‘Dummy’ as it has a mighty big bass and kicklines that perfectly suit the female voice of the band’s singer Beth Gibbons.

Electric Beat Crew – Here we come

Towards the end of the ‘80s the Electric Beat Crew, a Hip Hop duo consist of Olaf Kretschmann and Marco Birkner, had a big impact not just on me, but also on the youth in the old GDR in general. They released the first and only Hip Hop Record in English in the old GDR. That was something different and even pretty much a sort of movement as Hip Hop and Breakdance simply didn’t exist at this time. So Electric Beat Crew, plus the movie Beat Street influenced and inspired me a lot at the time when the wall came down.

Radiohead – No Surprises

The first time I heard Radiohead was because of a recommendation of a good friend of mine. He gave me the album ‘Ok Computer’ released in 1997. And it was just so tremendous to hear it. I mean there are a couple of great tracks on it like also Karma Police or Paranoid Android. But No Surprises was something that I couldn´t get out of my head anymore. Their next album `Kid A` which was much more dominated by electronic music influences was also something that blew me away. From that point on I’ve been a big fan of them and the unique voice of Tom Yorke.

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