Shaun J. Wright and Alinka, Twirl founders’, gave us a top ten of their favorite tracks, dive in ! 



  1. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka – Journey Into The Deep (Kim Ann Foxman Remix)

‘Journey Into The Deep’, Twirl’s inaugural release, set the tone for the label’s forward looking, yet classic inspired style of house music. Foxman was at the top of the list of people we wanted to work with on the label and she did an amazing job creating this remix and bringing her style to the track.

2. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka – Wait For Love (Eli Escobar Remix)

This song has a lot of emotional significance for us and Escobar did an incredible job creating a beautiful version of the track that you can’t help but love. It brought tears to Alinka’s eyes the first time she heard it and many times afterwards.

3. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka – Love Songs (The Carry Nation Remix)

We love The Carry Nation and were so excited to add them to the Twirl family! The guys brought so much flavor to this remix!

4. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka – Need Someone (Aerea Negrot’s Tic-Tac Remix)

Aérea Negrot is one of a kind and a massive inspiration to us both. She twists and turns this tune into her very own, samba-styled uniqueness.

5. Spatial Awareness – Ill City Exit (Hannah Holland Remix)

It’s difficult to go wrong with two of the UK’s finest. We’ve been rocking tracks from Spatial Awareness and Hannah Holland for a long time and it was awesome to get them on the same release. This one is a dance floor favorite!

6. Stereogamous feat. Shaun J. Wright – Don’t Fight It (Alinka Remix)

Longtime friends and collaborators Stereogamous created a sophisticated, sexy groove with Wright on vocal duty. Alinka’s addition of loopy acid and a heavier synth turn the sensual original into an even deeper nighttime journey.

7. Ena Lind – The Wisdom To Know The Difference

This classic style burner features an array of sounds and builds like an odyssey. Lind’s experience as an accomplished percussionist shines through on this track and drives dancefloors wild.

8. Ena Lind – Sadie (Doc Sleep Remix)

The original is a dreamy, percussive mélange of that floats. Doc Sleep moved the remix into punishing techno territory and we love it!

9. Lil’ Mark & Della – It’s Acid (Purple Om Edit)

Having previously remixed for the label, Lil’ Mark returns with Della for this banger with deliciously sexy vocals and a hot acid line reminiscent of old school jackin’ house.

10. Spatial Awareness – Let’s Get Visceral (Mijo & Macaulay Remix)

Spatial Awareness’ productions are so inspiring and forward thinking. We were very excited to have him on the label again. This Twilo-esque remix from Mijo & Macaulay is a guaranteed crowd pleaser filled with subtle surprises.


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