At the heart of Yard One is London’s Jordan Bruce, founder of Tact Recordings, and Manchester’s Larry Jones. The duo have released a string of material via Jordan’s imprint and the pair’s debut L.P ‘When Elements Collide’ on Tact Recordings in 2015.

Since the inception of Yard One, the pair have seen support from a broad spectrum of leading names in the electronic music industry such as Anthony Parasole, Gunnar Haslam, Cosmin TRG, Dorian Paic, Andrey Pushkarev, John Osborn and Cinthie as well as receiving recognition for their work from electronic aficionados such as XLR8R, Mixmag and BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music.

This playlist was compiled by Jordan Bruce, one half of Yard One, with the aim to provide you fresh and nice early morning grooves. Find at the end a Spotify playlist to take it around everywhere with you… Your mornings will never be the same!


Efdemin – “Night Train”

Efdeminʼs work on Dial Records has long been some of my favourite electronic material, this one in particular taken from his Chicago LP released in 2010 is a perfect example of why i love his music so much. Rolling percussion, airy melodies, field recordings and whirring synths all unfold with subtle nuances for ten minutes of perfection.

Albrecht LaʼBrooy – “Hinterhof “

These two guys from Australia have been making some of the best house music around of late for me personally. They manage to keep things deep but driving at the same time with a melodic musicality and intricate percussion at the core of all their work. Iʼve picked up every release so far on their Analogue Attic label and this is taken from a new EP of theirs on Night Tide which was also an instant buy.

Cobblestone Jazz – “Drawn From The Side Of Crime”

A deep masterpiece from the Canadian crew of Mathew Jonson, Danuel Tate and Tyger Dhula, these guys as a collective and individually have made some of the most intricate electronic music iʼve ever heard and as the name would suggest drawing influence from Jazz which works so well. Another notable track from these guys for a more peak time workout is ‘Dump Truckʼ, a personal favourite.


Move D & Benjamin Brunn – “Honey”

Another masterpiece in my opinion, taken from their ‘Songs From The Beehiveʼ LP released in 2008, acid-tinged bass, smooth pads and stripped- back drums, love everything these two have made together. Thirteen minutes of pure class!

Duckett – “Jackdaws On Astroturf”

Amazing work from the Freerotation resident, featured on his ‘Balsamic Stateʼ EP which came out on Greta Cottage Workshop last year, soft Rhodes chords, choppy synth stabs and organic percussion all work in unison to create a high-class cut.

Aril Brikha – “Ottil”

A stunner from Iranian producer Aril Brikhaʼs ‘Deeparture In Timeʼ LP which came out on Transmat in 2001, the whole album is incredible actually and a perfect example of the deeper end of Techno that Derrick May was pushing on the label back then. I keep going back to this album over and over, and for good reason.

Steven Tang – “Ominous”

A classic from Chicagoʼs Steven Tang, originally came out in 2007 on Emphasis but was featured again on his ‘Disconnect To Connectʼ album which came out on Smallville a few years back. Incredible programming of some classic synths result in a futuristic house feel.

Anton Zap – “Water”

Title-track from Russian artist Anton Zapʼs album for R&S sub-label Apollo, this is yet another timeless cut and i love pretty much everything this guy has made and released via his Ethereal Sound imprint and elsewhere. Ten minutes of smoothly unfolding ambient pads subtly driven along by shuffled drums.

Rick Wade – “Deep N Dirty”

One of my favourites from the Deep House master Rick Wade, released on the ‘Harmonie Park Revisited 1ʼ EP in 2007, Rick, his Harmonie Park label, and Mike Huckaby exemplify everything thatʼs great about the housier end of Detroitʼs electronic music output.

Yard One – “Granular Movements”

This oneʼs taken from the new vinyl only sub-label of Tact Recordings weʼre launching called Tactics, the releases comes from us and this is the B1 ‘Granular Movementsʼ which is already picking up early support from the likes of Cinthie, Dorian Paic, Andrey Pushkarev and Mixmag 🙂 the full release is out at the end of November.

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