Berlin Berlin returns on Saturday 30th December for an end of year send off at Egg London! Based on 1970 Ambient music, faced to the new IDM grooves, Sciarada from Pornceptual is delivering us today his 5 favorite tracks of the moment. One not to miss!

1 • 
Earlham Mystics (Luke Abbott) – “Waters”


 “synths are symbolism: getting lost on arpeggio means to me starting to get into electronic music and approach its theory.”


2 • Vakula – “You’ve Never Been To Konotop”


“confessions of a collection: from jazz until techno. Vakula and his brilliant sound use to give the metric of my musical space. The one when I play and the one when I produce”


3 • Paul Woolford – Erotic Discourse (Kowton Remix) [HFRMX011D]


“I like remixes and how musicians work on them. They show us their main style when they produce but they absolutely get off their ‘mask’ making remixes, approaching other genres, following other rhythms.”  


4 • Equinoxe 4 – Jean Michel Jarre

“found this everlasting tape in a little market in France. Since when I ve got it I started to think that this kind of music was coming from the future, not from the past. Even If it was so dusty and ruined. A triumph of synthesis of a time when drums where still not the main actors”


5 • Steve Reich- Dance Patterns


“I use to consider piano as the architecture of my music. Playing it in a loop structure give me the sense of distance, of quantity and size. Steve Reich is exactly what it represents to me at All”


Saturday, December 30 at Egg LondonBerlin Berlin: Dirty Doering, Pornceptual, Homostash & more!