Every wavy dance enthusiast has at least heard of Dauwd – or unconsciously listened to one of his tracks during the past few years. RA Top 1000, just enough for all-around respect, not enough to be a headliner, and definitely enough quality productions to mesmerise you for hours.

As his career progressed, Dauwd released some critically acclaimed sounds, notably on Kompakt AND Ghostly International. He started off releasing What’s There on Pictures Music, that set the bar very high in terms of production standards and creative skills, and virtually never stopped surprising as his music evolved.

More recently, he released “Kolido”, a song featured on the Ghostly Swim 2 compilation, that testified for his proficiency in bass-crafting, voice sampling, and synth playing. With this track, he once again achieved an amazing balance between the power of the rhythmic structure and the softness of the melodic construction. A lot of producers excel at making dance tunes for clubs, others excel at making tunes that you’d happily listened alone in the quiet of your house. Not a lot manage to create something that would fit both environments, and it is a rather pleasant surprise to stumble upon one of those.

Yet, no matter how much I praise Dauwd as a producer, I only knew of him as a live set player. As I never had the opportunity to see him perform before last weekend, all I knew was the couple of Boiler Room videos I saw a few years ago. So, when our dear friends at Percolate programmed him for a all-night long DJ set, it piqued my interest. I just had to go witness this for myself.

As usual for a Saturday night, I walked in a packed and warm Corsica Studios with a few friends. I ended up watching Dauwd play for a good 3 hours, and just left because my feet could not take it anymore. His taste for crazy and energetic percussions clearly transpired in his set, and made it a really enjoyable experience. As a selector, he managed some amazing crowd control, and the atmosphere never really cooled down. Long story short, he will be playing for Submit’s 4th birthday at the Bussey Building in Peckham on Feb 19. Just book, NOW, and go.