DJ Koze, Gui Boratto, Supermayer… As Terranova, they’re all signed on Kompakt. But Terranova got a spirit apart: around since the mid-’90s in different formations, DJ/Producer duo Fetisch & &ME enjoy happy encounters, being surrounded by the right people, and make them collaborate to the Nova blend. Out for a few days, RESTLESS REMIXE 2 is the new chapter of the album RESTLESS.


Except for DJ Fetisch and &Me, Terranova doesn’t have permanent members. From Studio! K7 to Ministry Of Sound they have been sowing half a dozen albums, with three times as many EP – each of them proceed from the same spirit: changing guests, and never ending up in a unique genre.

The second installment of RESTLESS – RESTLESS REMIXE 2 – gathers around them veteran allies Stereo Mc’s and an upcoming producer from Germany, Karl Friedrich. Hard Life presses start, and it was like opening a club door at 2am, when a DJ is working on perching the crowd. “Skin & Bones” evokes this cosmic groove that can only captivate. The woman vocals on the track, from Lydmor & Bonhomme, develops a sensual and swaying wave. Continuing then with the second track was like having your head going further than the clouds (!!) “Twisted Souls” is composed as an interstellar travelings, built on 90 bpm.

Finally, the smooth arrival of the last song, “Kepler 186F” mixed by Fetish himself. A momentum before takeoff ! The track is on a granular sound design while the bit recalls an ethnic pace ; the rhythms are getting more nervous and the track sexier.

•Words Doria Arkoun•