Villa Lo Town is something new – and like all good things it’s been worth the wait. Since their initial success with songs like One Time and Von D, a string of UK dates and a festival gig in China last year, Grand Wa Zoo have been in the studio honing their rhyming and production skills and working with producer Jamurai whose sonic fingerprints are all over this EP.


And there’s been a real step change. Fans both old and new will be thrilled at the variety and scope of Villa Lo Town. First off, it has that long length album vibe : a selection of tracks hung around a core concept which deftly links the hard experience of life in London – the ‘Lo Town’ of the title – with the excitement and potential of the city. Gritty yet shot through with unexpectedly angelic overtones, Villa Lo Town is a true villa of the mind, a place to celebrate and seek out the endless gift that lies within the curse.


Then there’s the music. Taking their early experiments with eclectic beats and unusual textures to bold new heights, the EP showcases the ongoing evolution of the Grand Wa Zoo sound. Skits and live elements with session musicians help layer the structure of the album still further, with their signature blend of gruff and sweetness, tight rhymes and floating vibes brought to an even sharper focus by the quality of the production.


The last time we caught up with Grand Wa Zoo was August 2016, here’s what they had to say:

The main thing that you need to know is that we are fans of MUSIC. Hip-hop is the medium in which we use to express ourselves, as it is what we relate to the most -but we listen to and are inspired by all genres”.  Check it out right here !


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