Hard Life London x Unum 1st Anniversary - Makcim (VBX, Apollonia)London, Saturday 5th of March – tonight’s route takes Hard Life into a party a bit deeper than usual. Driven by the restful sounds of pure underground, here we are, on our way to Dalston ! Yes, tonight is a bit special cause we celebrate Unum.‘s first anniversary. Pleased to be welcomed by the all Unum. crew, Lewis Chenery and Makcim, coming straight from Amsterdam for the occasion… Let the party start!

Bar A Bar – funny name for a not so obvious place. At the foot of the staircase, the door retains kilos of vibrations. For their first time, the guys from Kent take their party to London. As we came in, Lewis Chenery was spinning his first records of the night, before him the Unum. residents had already kicked the vibe, making that proper underground space a shared one. The intimate set-up was doing the rest: lights cutting and reshaping the place, reflecting on a camouflage net and the balloons hanging above the banging heads of an expert crowd.
Hard Life London x Unum 1st Anniversary - VibeUnum.‘s guys succeeded in it – their party is a playground for like-minded freaks. Everything around them was buzzing, even the balloons (!!) Following the kicks of Lewis Chenery‘s wax, the bass spat on heavy grooves of the finest tech house. Later headliner Makcim entered the track: VBX‘s protégé, signed on the very respected Apollonia imprint, came to specially diffuse this Dutch sophistication, taking everyone to a (only?) two-hours long journey. A powerful set, mixing a proper deep-house with various jazz, disco and organic influences, this is how the Amsterdam-based DJ put his touch, spinning an impressive selecta of vinyls that quickly spread a deep and sexy groove – refreshing! Looking forward to seeing what the Unum. crew will cook up this year.