The Beloved” or “Les Z’amours” (in french) is a famous TV show where the partners have to answer several questions to figure out if they know well each other. Let’s catch Frits Wentink and DJ Boring before their set in Paris with us at LaPlage de Glazart

His favorite meal?

Frits Wentink : I feel Tristan is a shrimp boy. I can just imagine him sitting down pealing those little creatures.

DJ Boring : Steve likes to eat tomatoes from box.

A track he’s listening to in secret? 

Frits Wentink : Madonna, wait thats not a secret.

I’m sure he is waking up to ‘Mysterious girl’ by Peter Andrew tho. Singing in the shower and all that. Imagine, Ozzie boy, Melbourne beach, possibly awkwardly sunburned. I actually just clicked next in youtube and ‘Inner Circle – Sweat (A La La La Long)’ started playing, what a time to be alive. 

DJ Boring : Dwayne young – Frits wentink

An anecdote when he was too drunk? 

Frits Wentink : The first time he stayed at my place in Amsterdam he left his vitals like house keys at the previous afterparty. Next day he called an uber to just bring his stuff over without him being in it. Thats the day that i learned you can even do that with Uber.

DJ Boring : Ask me again Saturday 🙂

An exclusive photo in his phone?

Frits Wentink : Tristan actually send me a photo of him taking a dump once. But i feel i cross the line if i shared that here. 

DJ Boring : One of his many squat photos.

An artist he would accept to share in a b3b?

Frits Wentink : Could only be Winona Ryder herself. 

DJ Boring : David Guetta

An insolite place where they could celebrate the best b2b?

Frits Wentink : I’ve always had a thing for festival porta loos.

DJ Boring : Each other’s weddings. 

Who’s going to start the b2b on the 16th of June? 

Frits Wentink : We will decide that on the minute. The big question is however, who will play the last record…

DJ Boring : Fight to the death.

Catch them in Paris : Guinguette à La Plage by Dure Vie & Time Out • DJ Boring b2b Frits Wentink · Demuja · Leo Pol live · Increase The Groove · Dure Vie Family