“Latouch” is literally breaking the records shop rules. Why? Cause it’s now possible to buy a unique set of vinyls curated, for you, by music experts! The masterminds, Maxime and Constant, two music freaks, recently turned their passion into a business, with a very special touch.
“What we want to do is to give people an easier access to quality music. “

And this is what they do. Latouch is like your new gold digger friend, an expert who delivers very special and limited editions of EP or LP collections straight to your door. Coming in boxes every month, your  selection is curated by four record shops in London, Paris and Lyon, avery soon in New York and Berlin!

Their network is growing day after day and for now they can already offer a large choice of different music styles and tastes depending on the shop your ordering from.

“Flashback”, the most respected Second-Hand vinyl shop in England.

“Le Souffle Continu”, for the experimental and new waves lovers.

“Chez Emile”,” the house and techno reference from Lyon.

“L’international”, the one who make it rock and pop in Paris.


The record shop world tour experience

Latouch comes from this willing to extend the link between record shop and record lovers for the good of vinyl revival. To do so, they’ve been visiting more than fifty record labels all around the globe, while keeping note of the ones that care about a special “touch”. Paris, Lyon, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, London, NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago, they didn’t miss a stop to any of the most influential city of the music world. After crossing 5 countries and and 10 cities, this record tour has definitely been an amazing music digging training for the two french touchers.

 The expert “touch ” 

What is important to remind is that beyond the music, Latouch is a also real human and social experience. This is exactly what Maxime and Constant highlight while documenting all these instants through records experts interviews made by filming straight in the shop.

Surprise boxes

More than being a simple record delivery service, Latouch guarantees a quality like no other in introducing you to the ones who curate your treasure boxes. That’s why trusting the owner’s taste is a crucial point as Latouch doesn’t tell you what is exactly coming in your box!

Hard Life’s personal favourite one is the box curated by “Chez Emile” – a mad selection of its top French house and disco tracks specially collected for this limited edition. As we love sharing what we love, Hard Life is bringing into play some of these pleasure boxes. Enter in the game!



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