WetYourSelf! kick-starts the #saveourculture and #savefabric parties in London, as Hard Life Magazine talked to Jacob Husley of WYS! with regards to recent events concerning the closure of Fabric, and the temporary relocation back to it’s roots: Club Aquarium.

From the offset, the frustration at the closure of Fabric is apparent when talking to Jacob. He speaks so passionately about the experience, the journey and the hard work that resulted in 8 years of one of London’s best Sunday night parties for underground electronic music.

WYS! has been one of a few platforms provided by Fabric for underground electronic music artists to perform, grow in confidence and throw consistent, yet memorable parties to fans and friends.

Jacob explains his disbelief when sitting in the court hearing that saw Fabric’s license to hold the best parties in the world revoked indefinitely. He describes it vividly, telling of how every single piece of evidence put forward to Islington Council was dismissed. “We’ve created this together with Fabric,” he says. “So to have that pulled away from us – it’s really frustrating”

While agreeing that the temporary closure was the right thing to do in response to the tragic deaths of two 18-year-olds, it is clear that Jacob and the rest of the Fabric team were not prepared for the disproportionate escalation by the authorities to completely revoke the club’s license.

“The ironic thing about it – what fabric was doing was the best you could possibly do.”

With every cloud, there’s always a…shit load of relentless national and international support. Well not with every cloud, but with the dark, glooming cloud that is the closure of Fabric. Jacob tells us of the outpouring of supportive emails they’ve received. Promotors from as far as Australia and Japan plan to host nights for the #saveourculture fund.

Before the return to Club Aquarium, WYS! goes to Chalet Club in Berlin on Saturday for a #saveourculture party with support from Jacob HusleyPeter Pixzel, Alexi Delano and Javier Logares.

hard life x wys

Every possible course of action is in full force for the upcoming court appeal, and as this weekend demonstrates; the show must go on. The #saveourculture fundraising campaign has raised £250,000, where some of the biggest DJ’s and companies are in competition to out-donate one another, whereby Coda has outbid The Warehouse Project for the biggest donation by £1.

The WYS! team have been hard at work conjuring plans for it’s return since the hopefully temporary closure of Fabric.

Come Sunday night, the WYS! team have put together a line-up that consists of 24 DJs leading the underground electronic party scene, including 11 b2b sets and a live set from Steve O’Sullivan.

“The venue is quite crazy,” he says. “I mean the fact that people go swimming. It was mad back in the day and I’m sure it’ll be mad this weekend.”

Jacob is confident for a welcome return to Club Aquarium and more importantly, is forever grateful for the love and support shown by the public. When we ask him what he has planned for WYS!’s 10th birthday, it is clear that only one thing is on his mind.

“My dream would be to have two or three months of amazing parties at Club Aquarium and then Fabric will win that appeal! I just visualise myself celebrating our 10th birthday at Fabric.”

Keep sharing. Keep Fabric alive.

Upcoming WYS Events:

• Saturday 1st October: #savefabric Party @ Chalet w/ Alexi Delano,Peter Pixzel, Jacob Husley and Javier Logares

• Sunday 2nd October: WYS! is Back! @ Club Aquarium

• Sunday 9th October: WYS! @ Club Aquarium w/ Alexi Delano, Francesco Boffa, Andrea Dave, Jacob Husley and Peter Pixzel

Upcoming #savefabric Events:

Saturday 15th October: #saveourculture 1 @ Great Suffolk Street w/Craig Richards, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler, Terry Francis, Ben Klock and Rødhåd