On Friday July 15th, the night out was a delight – not a gaudy one but a bouncing one! Seduced by the serious line-up that our friends at We Concur had concocted, I was excited to be back in the deep and intimate atmosphere that only techno can create. And as I passed Shapes‘ doors, looking for an ersatz of freedom, it wasn’t long before the superb beats of Jonas Kopp took me in this direction.


That night, and this is rarely the case, the Shapes warehouse resonated, or rather whirred to the rhythms of a so-loved industrial techno. We Concur composed an impressive line-up: eight hours of pure techno driven by Jamie Haus, Jonas Kopp, Oscar Mulero, Ø [Phase] and Perc (!!). Taking over Shapes for the first time, the We Concur crew pleased us with their guests – a rarity to have them all on the same line up.

If you thought it was the perfect occasion to (artificially) blow your mind away, that night, Shapes was not made for it. This night was made for proper techno lovers; in a way, it was loads of styles, and loads of smiles.


Behind the turntables, Ø [Phase]‘s silhouette was infusing some cool techno. The Token Records artist projected an amazing swingy vibe and the crowd was surprisingly unified – boys from girls, young from old, passionates or simply curious – the melting was astounding. It would seem that the We Concur guys succeeded in bringing the essence back. It has been a long time since I’ve seen techno’s spirit operating in real time: gathering people around the love for music, that’s it!

Soon, the Spanish techno master, Oscar Mulero took the decks: his classical techno beats were still able to surprise a confident crowd, truly blowing the minds away!

13691078_1197625470282715_2584266528407364862_oHis set was electrifying – accompanied by bespoke lighting artists modulating the clair-obscur, it intended to raise the ravers’ emotive side. It worked. To close the We Concur party was no one else than Perc. Raw and powerful. Just perfection: without losing the energy constructed by Oscar Mulero, he litteraly blew the roof off. Man, it was… Speechless, my body spoke for myself!

Thank you We Concur, it was kicky.

See you again on August 6th !