Steve produces slowly evolving, very minimal, soulful club tracks on his labels Bluetrain and Green, showing his love for subtle sounds and dub effects. He also ran the Bluespirit label, on which he collaborated with Ben Sims, Lee Grainge and Russ Gabriel. Owner of the Mosaic label, which offers a sound between house and techno and features, apart from his own productions as The Wise Caucasian and Ephebe, releases from Paul Mac, Aubrey, Downlink, Mark Broom and Mark Ambrose, to name just a few. We asked him his first and last times. 


First time you went to a record shop?


And last time?

Yoyaku in Paris a few weeks back

First vinyl you bought?

The first is a little embarassing (haha) so let’s just say ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ by Depeche Mode

And last one?

The last Floorplan album (i don’t buy much vinyl these days!)

First club you went in?

One of the nights at the Astoria in London sometime in late ‘89

First DJ set you listened to?

Colin Faver

Last club you went to? Last DJ set you listened to?

Oval Space in London last week to hear Exos and Nina Kraviz

Very first track you produced (not signed)?

1993… A terrible trancey techno track with lots of 303. Totally unlike anything I’ve actually released

And the last one?

3 days ago… A little deep house groover that I’m very happy with which will be coming out on Mosaic next year

First time you said to yourself that music was your thing?

Sometime in 1984 when I was starting to make my own tape to tape edits… I guess I realised then that music could be more than just a passive experience.

And last time you had an amazing experience with music?

Playing at Renate in Berlin back in September – the energy from the crowd was incredible. Great vibes

First set abroad?

Sometime in 1998 in Madrid at a really tough techno night where my set at 135/136bpm was too mellow for the crowd!

And last one?

A superb little night in a basement in Solthurn in Switzerland called ‘Hidden’ – one of my favourite places to play.

First fail during a gig?

It wouldve been very early on, sometime in 1999, when the kick drum channel on my mixer decided to die.

And last one?

Recently at the Rex Club in Paris, one of my drum machines decided not to work, I tried every spare MIDI cable in my bag and in the end had to google and read the manual mid set in order to reset the machine. It must have looked like I was checking my emails!

First time you heard someone playing one of your tracks?

Listening to Colin Dale playing a promo of my first 12″ on his radio show in 1995.

And last one?

Janina playing the ‘Alleyway Funk’ in Sankeys , Ibiza, back in the summer

First thing you think about to make your life sweeter?

My wife and my kids obviously!

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