Spearhead of Watergate label, Berlin’s most renowned electronic music institutions, Adana Twins is the renowned duo formed by Take It Easy (Benjamin) and Friso. Since their two well-known tracks “Strange” and “Everyday” in 2012, every EP and tour date became a real rendezvous for every true fan of electronic music. Exclusively, Benjamin delivered us his first and last times before their tour date in Bordeaux with Curiosity Music collective

First time you went to a record shop?

Benjamin: About 20 years ago in my hometown Celle [forty kilometres at the north east of Hannover, Germany – Editor’s note]. The shop was called Street Sound.

And last time?

Benjamin: A few months ago. Nowadays I spend more time digging for music online.

First vinyl you bought?

Benjamin: Boogie Down Productions – “South Bronx”

And last one?

Benjamin: Trettmann – “DIY”

First club you went in? First DJ set you listened to?

Benjamin: The first club I went to was called Buntes Haus in Celle. An alternative place with lots of parties from a multitude of musical genres. The first DJ set I listened to was on a hip-hop jam. The DJ’s name was Tha Joker and we all looked up to him as he already had some success in the DMC and ITF contests.

Last club you went to? Last DJ set you listened to?

Benjamin: The last club I went to was Bob Beaman in Munich. We played there. Last DJ set I really listened to was this Saturday from my girlfriend Gōra. It was one of those rare free weekends for me where we also had a babysitter. So I could join her.

Very first track you produced (not signed)? 

 Benjamin: Our first track actually got signed. It’s called “Heliumcowboy“.

And the last one?

The last one is called “Together“. We just sent it to the mastering studio.

First time you said to yourself that music was your thing? 

Benjamin: In 1999.

And last time you had an amazing experience with music?

I have amazing experiences with music every week. Especially when I find some great stuff that is touching me.

First set abroad? 

Benjamin: The first set was in a club near Leipzig. But I forgot the name.

And last one?

The last set was at Bob Beaman.

First fail during a gig? 

Benjamin: Can’t remember.

And last one?

But the last one was last Tuesday, I hit the stop button by accident! Haha…

First B2B? 

Benjamin: It was with Friso.

And last one?

The last one too!

First time you heard someone playing one of your tracks? 

Benjamin: It was Solomun. Someone sent us a video of him playing “Everyday”.

And last one?

Tale Of Us.

First thing you think about to make your life sweeter?

Benjamin: Sunshine every day in Hamburg.

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March 02, Bordeaux (France) : Curiosity Music X Adana Twins (Watergate) ๏ Swann Decamme