“We just say Fouk”. Dutch duo producers Fouk (Hans Peeman aka Junktion & Daniel Leseman), successful producers on their own merits and friends since childhood, first emerged with their “Kill Frenzy EP” which firmly established them on the international scene. An experience we wanted to share with them before their gig in Bordeaux on December, 14th. 

First time you went to a record shop?

Daniel & Hans: June 1999, Attalos Records in Arnhem (Daniel: 12 June 1999 to be exact! Hans laughs)

And last time?

Daniel & Hans: Rush Hour during ADE, which is too long ago. Lots of shopping online. Still can’t beat the physical shop experience though!

First vinyl you bought?

Daniel: Twilight – “Platina” (Remixes) [Journey] Back in the days we played a lot of trance. I remember playing the Maurits Paardenkoper remix a lot.

Hans: Armin van Buuren – “Communication” [Cyber Recordings]

And last one?

Daniel: Club Paradiso – “Panoramica” [Mondo Groove] Stumbled upon this one, lots of fun.

Hans: Saine – “For The Dreamers” [Omena] LOVELY album!

First club you went in?

Daniel: Hemkade 48, Zaandam.

Hans: Eau, The Hague

Last club you went to?

Daniel: Claire, Amsterdam

Hans: Studio K, Amsterdam

First DJ set you listened to?

Daniel: Probably something from Erick E late 90’s.

Hans: “The one and only the holy: DJ Cross!” Hahaha, man that’s so long ago! We listened to Dance Department on Radio 538 in the Netherlands. He was resident DJ in that program, I remember recordings his sets on tape!

Last DJ set you listened to?

Hans: Obscure010 | Adesse Versions in September at Chicago

Daniel: Laurence Guy’s recent podcast for Heist.

Very first track you produced (not signed)?

Daniel: I remember finishing a progressive trance track back in 2001 of which I was quite proud back then. I sent it to Armin van Buuren and he actually sent some feedback and quite positive about it, but it never got released.

Hans: Pfff that’s so long ago! Can’t remember what I called it. Made some attempts at trance/progressive trance, that was the thing back in the days!

And the last one?

We’re working on a new EP as we speak, but the last track we’ve finished is our Fouk remix of Nachtbraker’s Hamdi.

First time you said to yourself that music was your thing?

Daniel: I’ve been playing keys from young age, but really got hooked to (dance) music and music production in general at age 15/16 when I first saw dj’s playing in a club. I bought a pair of turntables and a mixer soon after and since then I was addicted.

Hans: I’ve always loved listening to music. I think I almost always had headphones on!                When after the first few years of producing music, I began at 15/16, finally making something that sounded decent in ears I though “maybe this is something for me”!

And last time you had an amazing experience with music?

Daniel: That must be Cory Henry’s concert at Paradiso in Amsterdam last November. What that guy can do on keys is out of this world!

Hans: I went to go see Jamiroquai perform in Amsterdam. Classic!

First set abroad?

Pusic Records night at Innsbruck (Feb 2015), which was a really special gig, playing on top of a mountain in an actual igloo!

And last one?

Camden Assembly, London, Nov 10, 2017.

First fail during a gig?

Daniel: Accidentally pushing the cue button of the CDJ which is playing.

Hans: Haha same for me, hitting the cue button on the wrong player.

And last one?

Specific for the Allen & Heath Xone mixers. Forgetting to turn of the filter when it’s in low pass for instance (you won’t hear that on your headphones) and then trying to mix the next track and not hearing it come.

First B2B?

Detroit Swindle & Fouk, Bristol, June 3, 2015

And last one?

Detroit Swindle & Fouk (again yay!), Ploegendienst festival Breda, Dec 9, 2017

First time you heard someone playing one of your tracks?

Daniel: Perry O’Neil at Marcanti Plaza, Amsterdam (2003). He played a track that never actually got released (3 colours – Accessible). I think a copy of that track did end up on Youtube though.

Hans: It was not the first time I heard someone play one of my tracks, but I clearly remember Paul von Dyk got hold of one of my tracks and played it in his show on EinsLive (German radio).

As for Fouk tracks: Detroit Swindle playing “Cat Lady” in one of their sets, can’t remember which one it was.

And last one?

PillowTalk playing “Coconuts” in their set at Claire, Amsterdam in August.

And always when standing in a clothing store and hearing your own tracks playing in the background.

First thing you think about to make your life sweeter?

Daniel: More gear 😉 But just the thought of being able to do what I really love to do for the next couple of years and make a living out of it makes me smile.

Hans: What he said 🙂

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