Every May bank holiday an 800 year old mansion is over run with hedonistic ravers looking for an early start to festival season. Virgo has become a bit of a ‘best kept secret’ on the festival circuit, and this year Hard Life found out why.

Blessed with reasonably good weather (lightning storms and no rain but we wont question that), Jane Fitz kicked things off with a 2 hour set that got a crowd of strangers engaged with each other in excitement for what the weekend had in store. Highlight of the night goes to Nicky C’s set at the Rainbow Room which seemed to exhibit to all (if they hadn’t already got the message) what exactly Virgo was offering – a quasi pleasure-seeking escape from mundane life.

During our time at Virgo, the friendly vibe attendees brought to each other was refreshing given the melting pot of clashing punters larger festivals seem to attract. Mixed with the serene setting that the event takes place on, one would go as far as to call the festival as close to paradise as we have seen, all things considered.

Setting seemed to play a big part in Virgos’s mission to providing a sense of utopia for its attendees with Saturday night ushering in the opening of what many would claim is the main attraction: The Jam. With an essence of hidden garden and a line up consisting of Job Jobse, Moscoman, John Gomez, Bawrut and more, the Ransom Note takeover took ravers on an eclectic journey into the early hours.

As Sunday took hold spirits were still incredibly high and the manor of which the festival is based around was lit up with 3D visual projections that elevated even the token exhausted attendee with excitement. Whilst this dramatic change in decor shook things up a bit, one can imagine what Dan Shake’s blinder of a set did for the final night.

Craig Richards stamping off the weekend to a close with a stomper of a set left us excited for what was to come in 2018. We are advising those who haven’t experienced Virgo (and even those who have) to grab their tickets ASAP – you have been warned.

Virgo Festival is back on the end of May bank holiday 2018.  More infos on www.virgofestival.co.uk or the Facebook page