They’ve been sharing stages around the world, spreading a techno vibe freshly hatched from Paris – Concrete residents, Antigone and François X are now surprising the scene announcing an Ep with double signatures. We Move As One will be out in February. 2013, François X introduced Antigone to DSCRD‘s studio …

“Dement3d’s inner circle headquarters at the time”

… the label says. This was the start – friends and soon partners, the duo immediately sits behind the machines. Then came the tours: considered as the key characters in the Paris techno movement, highlighted through Concrete, Antigone and François X have been enjoying whipping the public into a hypnotic-trance. Each on its own way, Antigone, the astral voyageur, the god of production; François X, the open-minded Dement3d’s boss…

We Move As One has been made with the same pleasure, while they aim to build an atmosphere, and tell a story. One of the track, “The Hated SZ,” was made the night they met… We Move As One is like a story made of friendship, and quality vibes captured across parties.

To discover on February 15th, 2016


A1 Pagan Woman A2 Love Trade

B1 Ready To Escape B2 The Hated SZ

C1 Living Doll

C2 The Sorcerer

D1 Journey Home D2 We Move As One