Preceding his venue at the next Jaba, take a plunge into the deep dark and mechanical  bag of Skee Mask and take a look at his  top five pick !

1. Misty Winter – Digital Mystikz

Rediscovered this heavy thing a few weeks ago and started playing it in the middle of my sets, it sounds amazing with a techno/electro record mixed in… I’m really addicted to some of their drum patterns, they always sound super funky and organic!

2. Keep On Jogging A2 – Danijel Alpha

This is quite a tooly one and actually very short so i had to make an edit of it. The track reminds me of something like an early Kowton release, a lot of energy and simple but effective composition.

3. Hot May Slides – Clark

One of my favourite Clark tracks, i’m having this on repeat since years… It really is a masterpiece for me and also works fantastic when i play it. Also maybe a bit too short but that makes it a perfect outro track for example, or a good moment to switch up my set.

4. The Balance Of Power (Olga+Jozef Remix) – Function

Olga+Jozef is a project from Loktibrada, one of my favourite techno producers. The stuff he puts out under that name could mostly be described as functional but it often has these incredible hypnotic rhythms.

5. 1234567 – Lemme Kno

This track really fascinates me because it doesn’t have the normal 4/4 rhythm and still sounds very straight-forward. It also has really smooth melody patterns and kind of dreamy vocals that could sound a bit weird to some people, but i like it that way.

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