Every two weeks, Hard Life offers you a ZEITBLAST, the Top 5 releases selection of tracks that blew our minds. It will be tunes we recently discovered and that we feel you should listen to. These are absolute beauties to wake up your neighbors with. Enjoy!

So yeah, it does help when you are founded by producers as notorious as Detroit Swindle… but Heist Recordings did not limit its game to the notoriety wars. This EP celebrates the second anniversary of the label in the best possible way, and teaches the whole house scene a genuine songwriting and producing lesson. Brame & Hamo‘s remix of Lefty’s Bar – by the newly signed and extremely talented Fouk – is an instant classic. Kudos, and happy birthday Heist!

A music UFO. Genreless yet an undisputed banger. Breakbeat patterns, lounge synths and saxs, wavy pads, well-chopped samples. Kassem Mosse steps out of his own German techno comfort zone with this Fold remix, and drops one of the biggest bombs I heard this autumn. I have a feeling that this one is definitely going to be played a LOT, so keep an ear out!

This a web magazine about electronic music, and we are writing in 2015, so you are inevitably going to stumble upon some 50Weapons content if you bear with us. Since Modeselektor‘s label announced its closing earlier this year, it went on the path from excellence to legend. Studio wizard Benjamin Damage, the first artist they ever signed, released an amazing album this August, and Trickster is one of its most impressive gems. Believe me when I say I WILL be playing this in every club I get a chance to play at. Like every time. No seriously tho. Every time.

Futurebass might be a very young genre in a scene where house and techno have been around for decades, but its also the fastest growing one since artists like Flume exploded. It is extremely hard to keep track of everything that’s produced – my SoundCloud is absolutely flooded with a lot of interesting sounds – but this one definitely caught my attention. Cofresi hails from Chicago, this song is called Lykedat, ’nuff said. Absolute banger.

I have always admired people who sing on their own productions. Like Apparat. Sin Tiempo is yet another fascinating creature from this breed of amazingly talented artists, and really surprised me with Deeper in the Sea. Follow this one closely. Not quite Apparat yet, but worthy of the comparison. S/O to the brand new label Tolva Records for this beautiful release, and to Arthur Palluy for his trippy video!