Caldera – Little Light [Brightest Dark Place]

Now here is one for global music. A German producer relocates in Brighton and releases an EP on a Nordic-influenced label, and we have got Caldera, who released his Retrospective EP earlier this week. All these influences are flowing and interacting in this track, who benefits from both the darkness of the German style, and the bouncing, sharp synths from our good old UK deep. Kudos to this cross-genre gem, and good luck for this young promising label.

PS: yeah, there’s just a snippet on YouTube. Buy it then!

Fouk – Freebooter [House of Disco]

Alright now this sneaky fella already made it in Zeitblast…remember, it was on the review of Heist Recordings latest compilation. But what can I say. With Gruff, his new EP released on House of Disco, Fouk truly extends his range and makes a statement. Freebooter is just a marvelous disco song that is brilliantly produced through and through. My personal favourite, soon to be yours.

Massive Attack & Roots Manuva – Dead Editors [Virgin]

Yes, that’s right. They are back. And once again in a masterful way. There is nothing to ditch in that new EP, but if I am being completely honest, this track is just a beauty, filled with energy and taste. They allied with Stockwell’s very own Roots Manuva, who shows great songwriting skills, and gives an insanely good London flavour to it. Don’t play it too loud or the whole block will go nuts.

PS: this is not an official link so I expect this video to be taken down soon. Buy it then!

Voigtmann – MuffShuffler [Assemble Music]

The tune architect just dropped this marvelous piece on the Assemble 1 compilation, built with Mike Shannon, Aloe Varu and Nicola Kasimir. A beautiful minimal track with nicely adjusted synth pads and silk-like drum patterns that instantly want to make you jump around. And…and good occasion for us to let you know that we have recently collaborated with Voigtmann’s Toi.Toi Musik and that we are preparing cool stuff that we’ll hopefully share in the weeks to come! Stay tuned.

HNNY – No [Puss]

Originally released in late 2013, but recently repressed in a hand-stamped limited edition. An excellent tune that we all danced to and that truly deserves to be reinstated as a timeless banger.